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Consulting Services

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Our consulting services will help you when you have problems related to performance, scalability or high availability in your systems.

Wayaga can help you analyze and identify opportunities to improve the end-to-end performance of your cloud services or a specific service.

Scalability is another system quality Wayaga can help you analyze and improve by detecting the bottlenecks that affect your system and devising the Scalability Profile of your applications.

The performance per unit of scale and scalability will let you understand your system operations costs.

Once you understand the performance and scalability of your systems, it will be clear to you how your system will behave under different workloads in different situations and how their cost of operations will vary.

This behavior will directly impact your customers’ experience accessing your services, your revenue continuity and growth, and finally your company’s reputation.

The third area that is essential for every system supporting a thriving business, is High Availability.

You want to discover your single points of failure (SPOFs) and also understand the what-if for every component and data of your system.

You want to understand how robust your systems are and what are your weaknesses. When a failure occurs, you need to have different processes and techniques in place to keep your business running, generating revenue, and delighting your customers. Here, as well, Wayaga has the experience to help you.

Our services are not limited to cloud services and we can also work with any type of on-premise , IoT, and embedded systems.

Rodolfo has a record of success stories of more than 20 years of finding and solving issues, improving performance and scalability, and increasing the level of availability of systems for companies such as Accenture, Motorola, Intel, McAfee, and Lucid Motors.

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Performance and Scalability

Deliver Excellent Consumer Experience and Lower Operations Cost

Wayaga can help you with a comprehensive analysis, testing, measuring, and improvement of your systems in different stages:

1. Detailed analysis of your architecture and designs for your running and in-development services and applications

2. End-to-end analysis

3. Find the scalability profile of your services

4. Measurement and monitoring of the key performance variables:

  • a. Response time
  • b. Throughput
  • c. Concurrency
  • d. Resource utilization

5. Profile of your services’ operational costs

6.Capacity analysis, planning

7.Capacity, performance, and scalability thresholds

8. All type of performance tests under different workloads:

  • a. Performance test
  • b. Concurrency test
  • c. Load test
  • d. Longevity test

9. Performance and scalability improvements

Use Cases

High availability and Robustness

Assure Business Continuity

In this area Wayaga can help you in the following ways:

1. Detailed analysis of your architecture and designs for your running and in-development services and applications

2. Discovery of single points of failure (SPOF) within your architecture and design

3. Analysis of failure cause-effect

4. Analysis of idempotent operations, data loss, and data duplication

5. Analysis of redundancy and failover

6.Analysis and evaluation of your hybrid and multi-datacenter systems

7.Analysis of DNS support for your high availability strategy

8. All types of Chaos-Monkey test and Chaos Engineering

  • a. Evaluation of system under different failures
  • b. Analysis of data loss during failure in streaming systems
  • c. Failover tests

Improvement of the availability, robustness, and reliability of your systems